Turbine Meters

The turbine meter is an indirect volume meter.  It consists of a freely rotating axial turbine wheel in a liquid flow. Common applications are the measurement of liquids and liquefied gases in the chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum industries, particularly at high operating pressures, high operating temperatures, and low viscosities.


RQ Series 1
Turbine Meterboppreutherturbinemeter_rqseries1

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DN10 to DN65

RQ Series 1
Turbine Meter


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DN80 to DN300

Turbine Meter Operating Principle

The turbine wheel is rotated by the liquid and spins at a rotational speed, which corresponds to the average flow velocity of the liquid.  The rotational speed of the turbine wheel is thus proportional to the volumetric flow and the number of revolutions is proportional to the volume.

The rotational movement is transmitted through the casing wall in a non-interacting manner to the outside by means of magnetic-inductive pulse pick up. A pick up mounted outside of the casing is used for this purpose. An electromagnetic field is generated with a coil located in the scanning head.

Turbine Meter Advantages

  • Proven, reliable measurement system
  • High measuring  accuracy
  • High reproducibility
  • Large flows
  • Inductive pulse pick up
  • Can be used for high operating overpressures, high operating temperatures and low viscosities

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