Liquid Density Meters for Fluid Concentration

bopp_reuther_logoThe Bopp & Reuther DIMF Series of liquid density meters set the world standard for accuracy at a wide range of temperatures and process environments – including critical applications. Their low installation costs and little to no maintenance make them an ideal choice.


Series DIMF 1.3

Liquid Density Meters Inline Series 1.3 Bopp & ReutherNon-aggressive liquids or liquid mixtures, hydrocarbons

Accuracy: better than ± 0.01 %
Repeatability: better than ± 0.005 %

Series DIMF 2.0

Liquid Density Meters Inline Series DIMF 2.0 Bopp & ReutherHighly aggressive liquids, pastes, and foams. High flow rate design available

Accuracy: better than ± 0.02 %
Repeatability: better than ± 0.005 %

Series DIMF Compact

Liquid Density Meters DIMF Compact Bopp & ReutherLaboratory, medical, and engineering applications

Accuracy: better than ± 1 kg/m³
Repeatability: better than ± 0.1 kg/m³

Liquid Density Meters – Operating Principle

Metron Fluid Density Meter - DIMF Oscillation Fork Graphic

Density Meter Oscillation Fork Design

The central sensor component of our density meters is an oscillation element consisting of an oscillation fork or tube.  Flowing liquid passes through the oscillation element which is then electromagnetically excited and oscillates at its characteristic frequency. Changes in density result in changes in the characteristic frequency. These frequency changes are very accurately measured and registered directly by the transmitter.

Liquid Density Meters – Construction

Depending on the corrosive or non-corrosive properties of the fluid you want to measure, these meters are constructed with robust and structurally sound stainless steel, hastelloy, titanium, or tantalum. They operate within caustic environments in many industries.

Liquid Density Meters – Applications

Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), Sodium Hydroxide, and chemical mixtures
Urea and water mixtures for fertilizer
Beer Wort
Viscose specialty fiber solvents
Ammonia water for textiles
Glycol concentrations
Fuel and biofuels
Hygiene and cleaning products
Water and starch suspensions for paper
Detection of air bubbles in a pressure rig
Concentration of sulfuric acid in the copper industry
Harsh glue environments
Sugar solutions
Fat concentration in milk
…and many more.

Full Specifications Sheet – Liquid Density Meters DIMF Series – PDF

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