Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Bopp and Reuther has the broadest performance offering in Coriolis Mass Flow Meter technology. This type of meter is used to measure the direct mass flow of a liquid or gas.  Several wetted materials are available (stainless steel, hastelloy, tantalum) and the meter is made and calibrated to your exact specifications in Germany.


Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Operating Principle

The measuring tubes, which are bent to omega loops, are completed by two measuring bars and vertically secured torsion bars to create a harmonious oscillator.  This carefully balanced and robust design has an extremely low power input. The frequency of the system essentially depends on the mass of the bars and the elasticity module of the torsion bars.

Two electromagnetic coils set the system in motion. As soon as liquid or gas flows through the oscillating omega tubes, the resultant Coriolis force causes displacement of the tubes. The comparative relationship is established and the change in displacement is proportional to the mass flow.

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